226 Main Ave S, Ste B, Renton, WA 98057 USA
(425) 528-3607

Other Hot Beverages

    • Teas

      Locally-sourced teas, only the best.

    • Black, Green or Herbal Tea

      xtra sachet $.75

      We carry a hearty selection of black, green and herbal teas. Please note extra sachets are 75 cents each.

    • Other Beverages

      Hot or cold, we have a great selection of beverages to keep your day on the upswing.

    • Apple Cider

      12 oz. $3.00
      16 oz. $3.25

      The best apples at peak picking time are used in this tasty apple cider. Hot or cold - just ask.

    • Chai Latte

      12 oz. $3.75
      16 oz. $4.00

      Aromatic spiced black tea with lots of yummy steamed milk.

    • Hot Chocolate

      12 oz. $2.50
      16 oz. $2.75

      Hot chocolate with steamed milk.


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