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Smoked Dilly Beans

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Sweet and buttery, this lightly smoky, richly flavored, good food award finalists, will elevate your cocktail game to new heights. The leftover brine is a great shrub or quick pickle additive. Beware, one taste might ruin any options on other uses, as it is a little too easy to finish the whole jar in one sitting. Finally a pickle that perfectly blends smoky and savory flavors to blissful effect.

Roots Kitchen & Cannery was founded in 2012 with the mission of crafting a delicious and unique range of canned goods using locally sourced fruit and produce. It originally evolved out of a simple booth at the farmer’s market in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, that sold pies and quiches every Saturday morning. Founder Orion Bellorado then teamed up with canning expert Patrick Burr, and together they opened the cannery facility in Bozeman, Montana. The third team member, Willi Brooks, signed on in 2014 to run the bakery side of the business, bringing Roots back to, well, its pie-making roots.

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