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WA State Drops

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No matter where you live, your heart belong somewhere! Celebrate, remember, & give a shout out of Washington state with these DELUXE wood drop earrings. These are an incredible gift for missionaries, missionary family members, college students, and anyone who has their FAVORITE spot! Create a niche to deliver to your customers what matters most to them! Each drop has an approximate 2.5" total hang length. Each is made with hypoallergenic stainless steel hardware

About Holly and Liz:
When I turned 30, I finally had the guts to pierce my ears. I have been wearing earrings ever since then. And I love nothing more than making my own earrings to share with you! I was inspired with a pair that I purchased in 2019. I knew I needed to make my own and to add my own flare. Since then, I have been able to create a business named after my two little girls Lizzy (Liz) and Marisa (Holly). They are the light of my life and they have been so wonderful in helping me with every aspect of this business. Often times they are the ones who help me come up with new designs. We can’t wait to send you all of our creations!

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